Corporate Overview

Share Registry

Level 3, 60 Carrington Street
Sydney, NSW Australia 2000


Grant Pierce
David Riekie
John Hicks
Rod Chittenden


Allan Ritchie


Geoff Brayshaw

In-House Counsel and Company Secretary

Julian Rockett


HLB Mann Judd (WA) Partnership

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors of Adavale Resources is responsible for the corporate governance of the consolidated entity. The Board guides and monitors the business and affairs of Adavale Resources on behalf of the shareholders by whom they are elected and to whom they are accountable. The statement outlines the main corporate governance practices in place throughout the financial year, which comply with Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”) Corporate Governance Council (“CGC”) “Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations” (the Recommendations), unless otherwise stated.