Lake Surprise Uranium Project

South Australia – Australia

Early exploration success in Australia’s most prospective region for uranium

Located in South Australia, 550km north of Adelaide, and 70km East of Marree

The company holds 4 tenements with a total area of 1,078 km2 (see table further below*)

Tenements, including the new tenement granted to the southwest of Lake Surprise
Location Map

The Lake Surprise tenements cover an area that is prospective for sandstone hosted roll-front uranium mineralisation. Strong radiometric anomalies occur in the Project area and uranium minerals have been found in outcrop.

Adavale explored the original tenements in this area between 2007 and 2011 with 486 holes drilled in that period. Several geophysical and geochemical anomalies were identified, and two large and continuous geochemical anomalies have been defined by this work. The current tenement holding reflects what the company believes are the best areas that have been explored, and the areas that have the best potential to host additional deposits within geological structures.

Known uranium orebodies on the eastern side of the Flinders Ranges include Beverley, Honeymoon, Goulds Dam and Yarramba, and the Mt Gee project. Several of these projects lie in the northern Flinders Ranges about 60 Km from the Lake Surprise Project area.

The Lake Surprise Project area was identified in 2015 by a Geoscience Australia EM survey as an area that potentially hosts similar orebodies to the ones closer to the Flinders Ranges. Rocks of the Flinders Ranges and surrounding areas are highly enriched in uranium due to geological processes and it is amongst the world’s most prolific uranium provinces.

Recent Approvals Advanced for Drilling

Lake Surprise Drill Targets

Adavale announced on 14 September 2022 advancements for the upcoming air-core drill program that will test the shallow (~30m) uranium targets at the Lake Surprise Uranium Project.

The planned drilling program will consist of between 5-150 drill holes on lines spaced 180m apart and with drill holes 80m along the drill lines.

Aircore drilling has been selected by Adavale to provide a cost-effective method to rapidly gain information over the
current exploration area and assess the projects uranium prospectivity.

Cane Grass Swamp Surface Geology
LocationEL5893 covering part of Clayton Station, South
Australia, 70km East of Marree
Total Metres4500m of Aircore with ~10m per hole containing
silcrete requiring RC with a hammer
Total Drill HolesMinimum of 50 drillholes with a maximum of 150
Rig SpecificationLand cruiser or small truck configuration
Average Depth (Min/Max)30m (15m to 30m)
Details of the Air Core Drilling Program

New Exploration Licence on Granted – EL 6821 (previously ELA2021/00151)

The ELA2021/00151 submitted in September 2021 has been granted by DEM, now known as EL6821 (714 km2). The area has demonstrated similarities to that of the Lake Surprise Uranium Project, including similar geology and geophysical anomalies.

The additional license is complimentary to Adavale’s existing uranium prospects in South Australia within the prospective area to the north of the Flinders Ranges and will be systematically advanced in parallel with Lake Surprise. The location of EL 6821 and its proximity to Adavale’s existing EL’s is shown in the figure at the top of this page.

*Exploration Licenses

Exploration Licence IDArea (km2)Project Location
EL 589260 (reduced from 92)Lake Arthur East, South Australia
EL 5893167Lake Arthur, South Australia
EL 6598137 (pending reduction)Canegrass Swamp, South Australia
EL 6821714Southwest of Lake Surprise, South Australia
Adavale Resources Tenements