Kabanga Jirani Nickel Project

Tanzania – Africa

Dominant nickel licence portfolio within the East African Nickel Belt of Tanzania

Dedicated methodology and considered exploration program has generated numerous priority Ni target areas

Adavale is poised to uncover a large-scale Ni sulphide discovery with a drilling program now underway

Licenses are adjacent & along strike from the world’s largest undeveloped high-grade Kabanga nickel sulphide deposit, 58Mt @ 2.62% Ni

Adavale’s Kabanga Jirani and Luhuma farm-in Licences
Regional gravity survey areas showing location of  identified targets

Adavale holds 100% of the Kabanga Jirani Nickel Project Area located in Kagera, Tanzania.

Holds 8 granted licences plus 2 x “Luhuma” Farm-in licences contiguous to Adavale’s Kabanga North East (totalling 1,267km2 – see table further below*).

Located along the Kabanga-Musongati mafic-ultramafic alignment within the Meso-Proterozoic Karagwe-Ankole Belt (age ~1350 to 1400Ma), prospective for Ni, Cu, Co, Cr and PGE’s. Notable setting similarity with Thomson Nickel Belt, Raglan and Voisey’s Bay deposits in Canada & IGO’s Nova in the Albany-Fraser Belt in Western Australia

Gravity Surveys have identified 32 new Nickel Targets, providing a foundation for exploration success.

24,000 gravity readings over ~1,000 sq km generated a total of  32 newly discovered and unexplored gravity targets

The number and order of magnitude of the gravity targets  generated has confirmed the prospectivity and large-scale  nickel exploration potential of Adavale’s licences within the globally  significant East African Nickel Belt

Newly discovered priority targets cover ~55 km strike length that  has become the focus of Adavale’s exploration program and Heli-borne Electro Magnetic (HEM) survey

HEM survey has initially focused on 18 higher mGal amplitude  anomalies of the 32 identified gravity targets

Heli Electro Magnetic Surveys – 9 HEM Target Areas

Multiple priority gravity targets  identified  for the initial Heli-borne  Electro Magnetic (HEM) survey

9 HEM target areas were flown  using deep penetrating (~500m)  high powered time domain EM  (TDEM) and magnetic survey equipment

Objective being to identify coincident  areas of both strong EM and gravity  targets~ conductors

Survey completed with ~2,100-line  kms (210 sq kms) during  August/September 2022

Prioritisation of HEM/Gravity Target Areas for Drilling

Initial processing of HEM and gravity data has been distilled down from 32 gravity targets to 20 gravity and EM target priority areas over all Adavale southern Licence holdings and farm-in areas

Target areas selection has been based on coincident Heli-borne Electro Magnetic (HEM), gravity anomalies and localised previous exploration

EM conductors identified will be tested with Reverse Circulation and Diamond Drilling campaigns now underway

HEM 8 & 9 survey area showing target area polygons  reflecting areas of strong coincident gravity and EM anomalies  overlain on mid-time (channel 20) HEM background
HEM 2 survey area showing target area polygons reflecting areas  of strong coincident gravity and EM anomalies overlain on mid-  time (channel 20) HEM background
“HEM survey area plan showing broad internal target areas based on gravity and EM signatures,  together with the location of the Kabanga nickel sulphide deposits and associated mafic intrusions”

*Kabanga Jirani Project (100% owned licenses)

Ministry IDArea (km2)Project Location
PL 11406/2020298.02Kabanga North East, Tanzania
PL 11405/2020113.84Kabanga North, Tanzania
PL 11538/202164.08Burigi, Tanzania
PL 11537/2021194.08Burigi North, Tanzania
PL 11591/2021181.74Kabanga East, Tanzania
PL 11590/2021273.27Kabanga West, Tanzania
PL 11592/202119.4Ruiza North East, Tanzania
PL 11886/202222.63Kabanga South East, Tanzania
Farm-in licences
PL 11692/202126.01“Luhuma” North
PL 11693/202172.88“Luhuma” South
Adavale Resources Tenements