Kabanga Jirani Nickel Project

Tanzania – Africa

Adavale holds 100% of the Kabanga Jirani Nickel Project Area located in Kagera, Tanzania. The company holds 7 granted licences and with a total area of nearly 1,145 km2 (see table below), surrounding or proximal to one of the world’s largest undeveloped high-grade nickel sulphide resources of 58Mt @2.62% Nickel namely the Kabanga Nickel Deposit which is, located along the Karagwe-Ankolean system in Tanzania.

Ministry IDArea (km2)Project Location
PL 11406/2020298.02Kabanga North East, Tanzania
PL 11405/2020113.84Kabanga North, Tanzania
PL 11538/202164.08Burigi, Tanzania
PL 11537/2021194.08Burigi North, Tanzania
PL 11591/2021181.74Kabanga East, Tanzania
PL11590/2021273.27Kabanga West, Tanzania
PL11592/202119.4Ruiza North East, Tanzania
Adavale’s Nickel Licences – Tanzania

The highly prospective Kabanga-Musongati mafic-ultramafic alignment occurs in the Meso-Proterozoic Kibaran Orogenic Belt, along 350 km with a northeast-southwest trend in North West Tanzania.  The intrusions were emplaced into pelitic sediments of the Karagwe-Ankolean Supergroups that accumulated during the early rifting phase of the Kibaran orogeny and contain important nickel sulphide ores and the reef-type platinum group element concentrations. 

Tanzania Infrastructure Map
(Kabanga Jirani Nickel Project in North West corner- see zoom-in map below).

Adavale acquired the historical Exploration Data which had been conducted by BHP and the UNDP from the mid 1970’s to 2008. This data was used to select the licences where the companies Geology team and Consultants considered highly prospective.

Outline of Adavale’s licences – Kabanga Jirani Nickel Project.

The extensive data package covers much of the Kabanga / Kagera region and includes geochemical data including rock chip, soil and stream sediment sample results, high-level results of geophysical programs, geological maps and reports, previous drilling results and drill logs and relevant geological interpretation and reports.